This Is My Creed….

While I have nothing against the creeds of the early church, nor anything against say the Westminster Catechism, I have always threatened to write one of my own; partly because I come from a faith tradition that has no recognized creeds, and partly because, well, I am an American (and individualized faith seems to be one of our gifts to the world). That is why I was thrilled to learn that the major assignment for one of my classes this semester (Fall 07) would be preparing and writing personalized statements of faith on varied topics. So here goes. This is most definitely a work in progress. But for curious folk (or those with nothing better to do), I will be posting this work as it is completed.

Chapter One: On Revelation (In Three Acts).

Chapter Two: On the God (In Three Persons).

Chapter Three: On the Work of Creation (Excursus: Humanity and Our Fall).

Chapter Four: On the Victory of the Incarnation.

Chapter Five: On the Work of Reformation and Betterment.

Chapter Six (Coming Sometime Soon?): On the Coming of the Kingdom in Full.

A Working Bibliography….


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