Why I Blog…

I was always the one with a question. Sure I’m an introvert so I didn’t always raise my hand, but it was there. Being the one who rocks the boat is a tough road for a kid (and unfortunately no less easy as an adult). My sister, on the other hand, was the life of the party. Everything seemed easy for her. I always envied her ability to take things for granted (of course I have since learned that she envied things about my life as well, funny ain’t it).

So for the introvert with more questions than answers, writing was a godsend. I could wrestle with every thing and idea in my life. In this way writing helps keep me sane. It my way of dealing with the issues of life; it is my analyzing the world and struggling to stay faithful.

So why post these meanderings? Back in the day a journal read by me alone was the order. However as the blogosphere birthed itself, many friends encouraged me to take my writing online. And so I did. This is actually the third iteration (or is it 4th) of my blog. I have learned a lot and hopefully some of you have enjoyed joining me on my journey.

If over the years you have found yourself on this site, I apologize, but as my good friend Galliguy recently quipped, “It just means that you said something I remembered and/ or made me think. And that ain’t a bad thing, I guess.[1] For me replaying my day and discussing what I have hear, and pondering what it all means is way of giving due to those for whom due is due. I have never considered what others might say or think, because this has been about my feeble efforts to make my story make sense. It has been about honoring the journey and those who have accompanied me on that path (whether in person or by some alchemy of page, screen, or media player). This was my journey, my story, a tale of how I was shouldering my cross and moving on.

For those who have read, or seen themselves in the reading, I hope that I have succeeded in honoring you as I have tried to honor our journey. Yet in any such endeavor the opportunity for offense is a grave risk. The Galliguy and I were talking today and I said something about what it would mean if one of my posts were to be used by another. We decided that positive or negative, the correct response ought to be “cool.” To that I add the words of my PR prof, “just spell my name right.” I promise as always to take no offense at any use of my work so long as it is properly attributed, honestly dealt with, and not used in the name-calling brand of modern day non-dialogue.

I am not perfect and these writing are simply the musings of my mind in the moment they are written. Some of the work is highly edited (these are often marked as papers, essays, or reviews). Most of it is the stream of conscience, this is what I think now (most of these are marked notes).  I will offend. I will annoy. I will get things wrong. When I offend and annoy, I can only ask for your grace. Please comment. Please talk to me by web (email:  unsanitaryjesus@gmail.com) or in person (I promise not to bite, hard).  Just come to me: we can deal with the issues person to person.  If I include you in my discussion and you do not like how I have done so, please realize I did not do so maliciously. Just let me know and I will gladly re-edit the piece without your part included (or kill the post entirely).

Yet I will not apologize for this blog. It is simply my take on life, and how I have chosen to live it. Like any good memoirist, the incidentals of life are my best materials, and I will continue to seek them out as they come to me. I will also seek to examine my life with a critical eye. Please know that any criticism of something or someone else pales in comparison to the criticism that I put myself through daily or hourly. My intent is to launch a dialogue with myself and with you my reader. Dialogue means questions, comments, and relating of each other’s points of view. Dialogue can be messy. Dialogue can be problematic. But I think in the end, dialogue is how we learn. Dialogue is how we grow. We question. We look for answers. Sometimes we find them. Sometime we don’t. Sometimes we find wrong answers and have to reassess due to later information. Yet the dialogical process moves on. Point. Counterpoint. Synthesis. Repeat and stir.  Sorry for the mess, but I hope we can continue to learn from each other.

[1] well played, Mr Gallagher, well-played. You have been honored by this post.


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