So Explain to Me Again… Who Is the Problem, Here…

The truth is out there and coming out. The preliminary report on the Gray death was released yesterday and here are some of the findings (and some information that various news sources have been able to piece together):

1) Gray was stopped by police without cause.

2) Gray was detained illegally and driven, not straight to jail; but taken out of the cops way to 2 different stops (either of which the cop had to go by or within blocks of the precinct to arrive at).

3) Gray, who may have had surgery in the previous month, had a medical emergency that was not treated in time to save his life.

4) Gray died while in custody.

5) When people in the community asked questions about the arrest and death, the police responded by acting on “intel from social media sources” that a fight was brewing amongst students in the community and shut down all public transportation in and out of the area in which the “alleged fight” was going to occur.

6) The blocked transit lines served several local schools and was timed with the end of the school day which caused hundreds of students to be trapped in the park beside the shut-down.

7) Seeing hundreds of “rowdy” students milling in said park. Cops in riot gear surrounded the park not letting anyone in or out.

8) When students began to panic at the sight of the park being surrounded by cops in riot gear, the cops advanced batons drawn on said students.

9) A “riot” erupted as unarmed students “clashed” with cops waving batons and dressed in full riot gear.

10) Witnesses claim at least one fire was caused by tear gas canisters which missed the students and landed in a trash can.

11) People lost their mind, attacked a nearby CVS and did some damage to local retirement home.

12) Last and for the record, as the students were milling around the park, no fight broke out; nor did any violence occur before the police advanced on the park.

If each of these statements is true, can you tell me who is at fault here? Who is the problem? What is the source of issues in this community? Because with the exception of #11 (a tragic and unfortunate action committed by people who should be charged for the faulty logic of their (re)actions), I can’t see tell who the real thugs are? Can you?


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