Regrettable Links: A Surprisingly Good, Honest, Open, and Courteous Discussion of Homosexuality and Christianity.

Two bloggers and Christian scholars are currently involved in an ongoing discussion of the question(s) of homosexuality and Christianity. Listen in as Jeff Cook, a professor and pastor from Colorado, and Preston Sprinkle, a professor from Idaho maturely and openly talk to (and not through or over) each other about the issue(s) at hand. Once again, let me say.Read the arguments for yourself. Decide for yourself. Take ownership of your faith and belief.

This discussion seems a model for how we can have and say nice things.

(Editor’s Note): the discussion is currently in the middle and I will update with new posts as they come.

The Introduction. Setting the Stage and Introducing the Debaters.

Jeff Cook’s Opening Argument: The New Testament and Gay Sex. (Pro).

Preston Sprinkle’s Opening Response: Don’t Push the Ladder.  (Con).

Jeff Cook Rebuttal: The Target of Rules.

Preston Sprinkle Rebuttal: The Sin of Homosexuality.


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