UNsanitary Links: Gun Control, A Fact Check Sheet

Here is an interesting link seeking to fact check some basic statements about gun control.


F.Y.I.- These stats actually track with the ones I put up around the Connecticut shooting.

Why are these stats important. It’s not because I hate guns or gun owners. It’s not that I want to keep people who legally own weapons from having their fun and enjoying their rights. I am pro-responsible legislation on this topic for the same reason I am for responsible legislation involving abortion (or pro-immigrant, or anti-death penalty); because I am concerned with the value and dignity of life.

I want you to enjoy your rights; but I also want to be able to enjoy my life as well  (and that means living in a world with some legislation making the use and ownership of guns safer for us all- especially for our children).

And no I do not want Obama to take your guns. Obama doesn’t want to take your guns. No one wants to take your guns. We just want you to use them responsibly (can I use that word anymore).


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