Book Update: A Writing Outline for That Southern Duality Thing

Here is a Writing Outline for My Book:


I.  Introduction: A Boy and His Two States.

II.  Thesis: Understanding Context. The Scandal of Our Story.

a.  This Peculiar American Life: The High Cost and Bad Investment of Slavery.

b.  The Altar of Slavery: Slavery, Abolition, and Civil Rights in the Pulpit.

c.  Ball Players and Coal-miners: The Re-Enslavement of Segregation.

d.  Assemblies of God: Can You Tell Me How to Get to Azusa Street.

e.  Finding New Life in Bombingham: Combatting Structural Racism on Bombing Hill.

f.  Boppers, and Rappers: The Discourse of Contextual Racism.

g.  Crash: Entertainers and Tea-Partiers: We’re Definitely, Maybe, Possibly Not Racists.

h.  Air Jordan and Sir Charles: The Problem of the Exceptional Minority.

i.  Cosby, The Wire and America’s Black Holes: How America’s Dad and HBO Proved Malcolm and Martin Were Right about America’s Class Warfare.

j.  Trayvon, Michael, and Eric: Why Their Lives Matter.

III.  Antithesis: Hearing the Prophet. The Scandal of Scripture.

a.  The Prophets and Israel.

b.  Jesus and the Pharisees.

c.  Paul and Rome.

d.  The Surprising Triumph of the Early Church.

IV.  Synthesis: Being the Change We Want. The Stumbling Block of the Kingdom.

a.  The Triune Community. The Scandal of Color Acceptance.

b.  The Beloved Community. The Scandal of Partnership.

c.  The Kingdom Come. The Stumbling Block of Faith.

V.  Ecstatic Sadness, a Concluding Meditation. What Life in the Vineyard Taught Me about the Kingdom. 


If you would like to see this book in print (or online); go here:


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