A Plea for Your Help…

Over the past couple of years I have transitioned into a place of service within hospitals; just recently having finished an internship with Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.

I have always been challenged to take my gifts as an academic and writer and mix them with my passion for living an authentic Christian life (and leading others into a similar experience).

And so I have began work on a book discussing my experiences of race and religion in my deep South home; and hope to explore the dynamics of this troublesome issue in detail.

My book would come in three parts: 1) a thumbnail story of the history of race and the ways religion has played into it; 2) an analysis of the Biblical story and what it might teach us about diversity; and 3) a drawing together of these two stories into my story with an attempt to describe how we as a whole can come together to find freedom, justice, and peace.

To do this I ask a couple of things from you 1) that you would pray for this project; 2) that you would support me financially in creating this project; and 3) that you would pass on my information to your friends and community asking them to do the same.

The money raised here will go to the expenses of writing: material needs (paper, mailing, phone calls for interviews, etc), purchase of reference material and acquisition of source materials; and any travel expenses to visit archives and also sites that will help in exploring this important topic.

My feeling is that in light of Ferguson et al, we the people of the U.S. are experiencing a new call to the very important (and often neglected) work of racial reconciliation. We have come a long way; but we are still miles away from reaching Martin’s dream of a unified, beloved community of faithful men and women working in unity to see God’s Kingdom made manifest in our nation and its communities.

Please help my tell this story. You can go here to help:



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