Mike and Trayvon: A Thought Experiment

You had to see it coming. The moment a black kid was shot by police in a questionable setting, there would be a backlash. No, I am not talking about the brave men and women of Ferguson who are nightly taking to the streets to demand answers and accountability from those they pay to protect and serve them. I am talking about the moment when certain elements decide to let us bleeding-heart, do-gooders know that the people who are allying ourselves are bad seeds. Mike was… horrors of horrors… a bank robber (ahem… allegedly…) and Trayvon a pot smoking thug.

But let us play along with these game (and cruel and dumb as it is- and let’s be honest most times it seems we should not), but this time let us join the fun. Suppose Mike was a no-good, no-count bank robber. Suppose Trayvon was casing the neighborhood for a good house to rob for his pot fetish. Let us suppose that in the words of one words of one ‘friend’ of mine: “you just know he was up to no good… people like him always are.” [Now before we go cuss this FB ‘friend,’ let me add that when my eyebrows raised and my mouth dropped open, they were quick to say, “I meant, you know, a kid. The youth today…” So let us suppose this friend isn’t you know one of those people, but just had a Rick Perry moment] So poof goes the genie. Sprinkle the pixie dust. Wrinkle the nose. Alacazam…

Let it be so.


Now answer me this. Were the shootings still justified?

I’m waiting.

Were they?

In America. Today. Is it kosher for the police to shoot a boy that every witness but the guy who fired the shot say had his hands up and was saying, “I surrender.”

In America. Today. Are we down with allowing any do-gooding vigilante to pick fights with bad guys in the mean streets of Florida. I mean, in the Marvel or DC universe, maybe. But in 2014 real America, is this what we want? Do we want to allow just anyone with a gun and visions of news media glory to follow bad guys around, get in fights, and ‘have to’ shoot to kill.

When you say you want to take America back, is this what that means. Cops gunning down people in the streets with nary a doubt or a whiff of due process. Just bag and tag, baby.

I’ve got to be honest, I’ve read that book (both fictional and non). I’ve seen that movie (both dystopian and biopic). And while it might seem great in the first quarter (or maybe half) or the film, this kind of police force never goes well for long. At first it really is the bad guys going down; but when you have a gun in your hand and unlimited power everything begins to look like a target.

When you say you want to stand against tyrannical governmental forces, could this be what you meant to say you were against.

Ladies and gentlemen participating in this grand experiment, I would ask argue this. Granted what we have. Both deaths are still inexcusable tragedies. No one should go out like Mike and Trayvon.

The only worse tragedy is that I felt the need to write this post arguing such.

Drop the mic. Game over. Done.


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