Regrettable Links: How Dare You, Amanda Palmer? A Poem about Amanda, Bieber, and the Internets…

ImageHere is a great poem written by scientist Danny Hillis for musician Amanda Palmer. He wrote it after watching Palmer take to Twitter to discuss the most recent Justin Bieber conflagration (she was asking her fans to walk a mile in Bieber’s Air Force Ones before judging- sounds familiar).  It is a great poem (with some adult language but a great poem). Both Danny and Amanda have asked for the poem to be shared, so here goes:


How dare you, Amanda Palmer?

How dare you write a poem
Sympathizing with a kid
that everyone
(Yes, pretty much everyone),
And for good reason.
So how dare you
Because if we ever, ever
what it is like to be him
to feel like Him
Then we might
(not likely, but there is always the danger
we Might)
love our enemies.
How dare you say anything
to lead us
to that

And how dare you
Stand up on a mountaintop
In front of God and everybody
And announce that we can
Just ask
Are you trying to tell us
the we will just, –what?
That doors will open
just because we knock?
Who do you think we are, Amanda?
A bunch of lilies?
A flock of fucking birds?
We toil.
We spin.
We sow.
We reap.
I mean, Jesus H Christ, Amanda,
Do you think we can feed a multitude
with loaves and fishes?

I hear you let some chick
wash your feet.
with perfume!

Time to hide it under a bushel, Amanda
We have ways of dealing with people
With people who sympathize
with the despised
People who dare
to ask,
dare to receive
People who dare
to suggest
that we love our enemies.
We nail them up
and watch them bleed.

If we let you
If we let you write poems
And ask and receive
And have perfume
poured on your feet
poured on your feet without regard
to the rules
against all law and order and propriety
if we let you get away with it
we might have to ask
the unconformable question
of why
we didn’t

 If you would like to see the poem in its original post and read Amanda’s post discussing the discussion and poem, go here.


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