A Prayer for 9/11/2013

Lord, God, merciful Father incline your eye to us. Shine your face upon us and give us the grace to walk in your ways. Allow us to place our very real grievances at the foot of your cross and therefore allow our desires for vengeance, our quickness to hate, and our lust for blood to be submerged in the depths of your suffering.

May we seek peace and not war. May we seek to forgive and not harbor anger in our hearts. May we take up our crosses and follow you in the way of the Kingdom.

May your Spirit continue to move across the Middle East. May a revival of your Kingdom continue to take root in the blood drenched fields of Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. May the evil one be exposed as a liar; and may your name be on the lips of all those previously held in darkness.

May heaven come to both our lands and theirs. May the lion lay down with the lamb. May grace conquer animosity. May forgiveness trump our litanies of abuse. May the cycle of violence come to an end. May we be the ones to stop it.

I pray that one day my children and the children of those who flew planes into building play together in the fields of your New Earth. May we come together to glorify your name and testify of the time you knitted our hearts together.

May the blood of your Son quench our blood lust.

May the unity you have in yourself reveal itself in us.

May you come soon, Lord. May you set our world to right. May we see the peace of Jerusalem. If not tonight, tomorrow. Come quickly, Lord. If you do not, I am worried that there may not be much of us left.


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