A Plea and Prayer for Peace (My FB Status on a Cold, Rainy, Sad Day)

In 1986 I graduated from Cahaba Heights Elementary School. At that time I thought I was leaving grade school antics behind. I am glad that kid did not know that the 38 yr old version of himself would live in a world that perpetuates that type of dialogue and calls it ‘fair and balanced reporting.’ 

Today my heart weeps for the frightened souls of Boston. My soul weeps for the wasted lives of two men who never live to met the 38 yr old versions of themselves. I weep for all the pain, all the anger, and all the despair of the past week.

But more than that my soul weeps for myself and all my friends who have retreated to grade school in discussing the week’s events. I pray that the events of the last week will led us to repentance. That we will repent of the name-calling, the false assertions, the rumor-mongering, the gossip, the vitriol, the lowest common denominator thinking, the desire to be funny, and the inability to consider how one’s thinking and posting habits might affect others.

President Obama is not our enemy. Liberals are not the enemy. The bombers are not our enemy. Muslims are not the enemy. We, as Christians, wrestle not against flesh and blood, and our Kingdom is not of this world. 

The only conspiracy going on is the work of the evil one to blind us to the true struggle going on; while we blindly follow the inane logic of others. Let us come to the altar together: conservative and liberal; American and Russian; Christian and Muslim; gay and straight. Let us repent of our sins (in thought, word, and deed). Let us leave behind our sacrifices and stand united with our risen Lord and Savior. Let us go forth to battle the true enemy who roves to and fro seeking whom he may devour. 

Let it not be too late. May His Kingdom come, today in part and tomorrow in fullness. May we have peace in Jerusalem and in Boston and in Texas. May His peace take hold of us and renew us and transform us.


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