Bad Meme. Bad. (All My Tyrants Please Stand Up Edition)

Tyrant-FINALIn light of Obama’s excutive order to fund gun research, I have seen a ton of tyrant memes flood my newsreader. Obama is a tyrant bent on destroying American freedom. This one is easy to dispute. Here’s how.

None of my friends who posted these screeds have disappeared. They are all continuing to post with impunity. None of them have black eyes, mysterious wounds, or unexplained absences. None of them have suddenly begun posting strange new pro-obama posts. As far as I can tell the worst thing to happen to them is an angry comment from yours truly.

This strange occurrence dispels their accusations. If we truly lived under oppression such outbursts would have ruined their days if not lives. If you can call someone a tyrant without reprecussions then that person is not in fact a tyrant.

Should my point not be understand I encourage travel somewhere. Perhaps taking advantage of newly relaxed Cuba restrictions. Maybe Venzuvia. Maybe talk to the woman raped in India or the girl shot in Afghanistan. They can tell you about real tyrants.

So go ahead and scream about liberal tyrant but when nothing happens to you have the courage to admit you were wrong.


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