Bob Costas- SNF Guns Talk

First off, I dig Costas. He is the best sports broadcaster of my generation. I would watch golf or autoracing if he was calling the [in]action. So Costas can do no wrong in my eyes. Second, I love Jason Whitlock. Last, as Dan Patrick said this AM, 1 minute 33 seconds is not enough time to discuss such a issue; but such is life. So call me biased, but I think both Bob and Jason are spot on here.

Let me also say that having heard Patrick’s show this morning (in which Costas appeared), I think I can say that no one was calling for prohibition. No one was calling for removing the 2nd amendment. The issue at hand is simply one of proper regulation, and the consequences of our laws. The Constitution is a living document meant to provide the framework from which we establish an evolving community. The question, then, is how to honor and uphold the words of a 18th century document in a 21st century world.

That said, while the tail-end remarks got all the turmoil. I love his opening remarks about sports, “real” life, and perspective.

Bob Costas Channels Michael Bloomberg in Sunday Night Football Gun Control ‘Essay’ – YouTube.


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