An Open Letter to the 21st Century Successionist ( A Cry for Unity on this Veterans Day)…

Here are a couple of quick questions for the Fox News Viewer:

1) If Romney had won the election would you be talking about succession? Because I think you would be talking about how great our country is, and how wonderful life is. And you would publicly hammer anyone saying what you are saying now.

2) Let’s say your state succeeds, what happens the first time that a politician you do not like gets elected [because (un)popular votes like shit happen]? Do you vote for your city to succeed? And when your city elects someone you do not like, do you vote for your neighborhood to succeed and what, god forbid, happens if the neighbor you do not like gets named to some power position? Where does it all stop?

3) This all seems strange coming from the ‘patriot’s’ party, how is this honoring to the tradition and history of our great country? Because you guys torched several celebrities for making comments along the lines of them leaving the country if Bush was elected. Heckfire, ya’ll destroyed the Dixie Chicks career for saying that Bush did not represent them. How is this not a hissy fit of Dixie Chickian proportions? How is it right for you to do it, but not them?

And no I really don’t want any answers to these questions, because I am really just blowing off some frustration here. Why? Because for the last four years meme after meme has hit my FB wall and twitter feed talking about how I hate my country because I vote a certain way. People I love and respect have repeatedly posted both these memes, and comments on my wall questioning my love of country? And never once has taking my ball and going home crossed my mind.

Why? because I really love my country. I do. I said it. I love my country. I may not agree with everything every politician or celebrity says. I may not agree with every Supreme Court decision, or law, or mandate. I may think our country has huge skeletons in the closet, and many problems in the present. But it is my country and I love it and never, once, for one moment have considered becoming a citizen of any other country. Never once has it crossed my mind to even threaten to leave. Not once. Ever. And I’m the one who hates America?

Look maybe I’m being insensitive. I’ve voted for candidates that did not get elected. I’ve laid awake at night worried about the state of the country. I’ve prayed deep, heart-felt, and passionate dirge-like prayers over my country. I’ve written more than one jeremiad. I understand the pain and frustration of my GOP brothers and sisters. So I say this with all humility: you lost, now’s the time to get over it (buy a “don’t blame me shirt or bumpersticker” if that will make you feel better). Better get tickets to see Lincoln this weekend, and afterwards buy Doris Kearns Goodwin’s amazing Team of Rivals, on which the movie is based. Ask yourself this: if that group of states can come together to deal with slavery; how much easier are our modern fiscal problems? If those people could survive the horrors of civil war; yet come back together, ask yourself: how much easier it should be to survive a “missed opportunity” election?

Instead of teenage posturing, public door-slamming, and inchoate rage, let’s take some time to breathe deep, relax, and free our minds and hearts of the chains that bind. Because whether we’re citizens of the U.S.A. or Alabama or Texas, there are problems that are bigger than all of us. Now is the time to come together and talk about them. Now is the time to consider how to pass legislation that addresses the issues that threaten us. Now no one is saying any of us should give up our core values, but we can all find in our hearts some wiggle room to make some deals. Otherwise we will become a million little nations in which no one is happy, and all of us are wrapped in mediocrity.

The issue is this: we all love our country. We are all concerned. Let’s use that passion the way Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and others have in the past. Let’s come together. Let’s roll up our sleeves. Let’s not be the generation that let’s the country we love down. Let’s not be the ones to break up the one country within which everyone else in the world would die for citizenship. While I’m at it, let’s not be the ones to let down the millions who have died to keep this country together. Let’s not let down the Revolutionaries, the Civil Wars soldiers, the WWI vets, the Greatest Generation vets, the Vietnam vets, the Gulf vets, and the War on Terror casualties. They died so that our nation might continue. If you can’t put aside your anger for them, then maybe succession isn’t such a bad idea.


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