The Obama / Romney Scripture Challenge

Recently Paul Ryan asserted that the Obama ‘plan’ represented a threat to Judeo-Christian values. As someone trained to think and ask questions (by my Christian teachers and pastors), I asked myself what plan, and what scriptures. Here I am stumbling, what plans of the Obama camp bump up against what scriptures. I believe specificity (something severely lacking on both sides of the aisle) to be important. My professors impressed on me the importance of not just making general statements but leveraging actual specific and testable challenges. So let me open on the floor. Tell me some stances from the Obama camp and what scriptural admonitions you would leverage.

To ease the backlog let’s all agree to go beyond abortion and gay rights (both important but well known). If you want to address them tell me why these are the important issues that necessitate voting for them over anything other issue (and do that from scripture).

Or perhaps you might want to open the floodgates a little wider and talk about the other guy, but remember be specific.

I’ll get the ball rolling:

* The prophets of the OT condemn the sacrifice of children to Ba’al, and Obama continues to support abortion. Jesus stated that “if you do it unto the least of these, you do it unto me.” He also stated that “if one wanted to be saved, you must be like a child.” He was even accused of wasting time playing with children when there was so many who needed to be healed. By these words and actions Jesus revealed that children are of the utmost importance to God. Therefore a Christian must place the life and protection of children high on the list of values for our leaders and politicians.

* The prophets if the OT commanded the Israelites sent into exile to “seek the welfare of the city.” Furthermore Nehemiah condemned the Israelites left in Jerusalem for building palatial homes for themselves while the walls of the city laid in disrepair.  Ezra made the same comments in relation to the rebuilding of the destroyed temple. Jesus, himself, pronounced blessings over those troubled by life; therefore showing that he valued those whose lives had been disrupted by the chaos and danger of the natural world. So for a politician to muse about ending funding for an organization like FEMA just so the rich may receive more money to build bigger houses should be seen as a blatant violation of the teaching of the faith.

Discuss amongst yourselves:


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  1. What I take the Bible to say is that sin is sin. James 2:1-10 deals with preferential treatment for the rich at the expense of the poor, and indicates that the person who does this is just as much a law-breaker as a murderer or an adulterer. As Christians, although we’re not under the law, we’re not to use our freedom as a license to sin. If we bring the whole Bible into politics, there are sinful positions on both the right and the left. Unfortunately, Christians have been holding the Democrats to the standard of the Bible on abortion and homosexuality, but we have not been holding the Republicans to the standard of the Bible when it comes to issues pertaining to preferential treatment for the rich and powerful at the expense of the poor. I would like us to be more consistent.

    Thanks, Matt, for writing this and inviting replies.

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