A Prayer for 9/11/12

On this day may we speak with as close to one voice as possible. May we speak as Christian, Jew, and Muslim. May we ask God of All Men, All Women to bring his grace to bear on our hearts, and on our lands. May we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, but also of Aleppo, of Maidugorri, of Baghdad, of Kandahar and Peshawar, of Sarajevo, of New York, and of the thousands of cities and villages unknown where Christian is killing Muslim, and Muslim is killing Christian. We our swords turn into plowshares. May our weapons be place upon the ground, and a true harvest began.

We pray that the cross of Christ will continue to shatter all the walls of separation that have grown up among us. We thank God that all things that bring hate, shame, and death have been put to death upon its bloody timbers. We thank God that the blood of Christ has broken the hold of the enemy, and laid waste to his schemes. We thank God for his victory as announced by that empty tomb, and we ask that His Spirit may find ever increasing purchase on our hearts and minds. May it be a humble down payment on the true gifts to come on that great and awesome day.

Father, forgive us for our sins of pride. May we be forgiven for our impositions and bellicose natures. . Father forgive us for we know not what we do. We do not realize how our actions cause reactions. We only know to scream out in pain and rage when hit. May we be forgiven for our anger, our hate, and our inability to forgive others as you have forgiven us. Jesus, may we live as you did. May we die as you did. May we be raised from the grave as you were.

Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. Their anger, their rage, their pain, their frustration is great, and they have no outlet in which to channel it other than to strike out blindly at whatever scapegoat their leaders provide. May they find you. May they find that you are the balm of Gilead. May they find your peace, your joy, your great love. Jesus, may they find comfort in you suffering, peace in your death, and life in your resurrection.

May your love be poured out on all people. May your peace reign more fully in our world. May your grace fill our land to overflowing. And May we wait with perseverance for that great and awesome day when the lion lays down with the lamb. May we long for that day when the grave will open, and the dead in Christ will raise.

Even so we, your bride, say come Lord, come quickly. Heal our world.  Open our eyes. Unstop our eyes. Free our hands and feet. Let us see you. Let us hear you. Let us dance in your presence. Let us be one, as you and the Father are one. Your creation groins in exile. It moans. It pleads for your arrival. It begs to hear your voice speak peace to the wind and the waves. It cries out for its graves to be opened and our loved ones released from the hold of sin and death.

Messiah hear our prayers. Forgive our sins. Free our land. Unify our hearts. Make these dry bones dance.



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