Help unstump the Theologian… Why the Hate?

Sitting in the breakroom at work I have a lot of dicussions. Some about sports. Some about movies. Some about other things. But when I’m really lucky someone asks me about Christ or his church. Those are the conversations I love having. Those are the conversations I live to have. The other day we were talking about the DNC Convention and of course the rise of Evangelical thinking that Christian = Republican. It was then that the all time worst thing happened, the question for which I had no answer. I know Paul says that we’re supposed to have the answer in season and out. But at this time I was stumped, shrugged my shoulders, and said “I wish I knew.” I thought, “if I knew the answer to that I would have a great dissertation or book.”

So what was I asked. Here goes, “Why do Christians assume that anything or anyone different from them is wrong. Why can’t conservative Christians accept liberals as fellow Christians.”

So hook me up. What was the correct answer? Feel free to comment below.



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  1. Ill take a stab my friend, though I may just be throwing spaghetti on the wall.

    “Why do Christians assume that anything or anyone different from them is wrong.
    Because they are. If we are speaking of ALL Christians and Eternal Truth, we have something no other belief system does. Of course, this brings us into conflict with other belief systems that believe THEY have Eternal Truth, not us. The trick is to see how Christ handled these situations and model our response to others on Him. I see very little of this, in a practical sense, from either conservative or liberal Christians, though I would say on the whole liberals do a better job. The conservative response would be that liberals go beyond where Christ led and dilute the Truth in the hopes of not offending.

    Why can’t conservative Christians accept liberals as fellow Christians.”

    This is a carry-over for conservative Christians from their interaction with non-Christians. If I were to apply a label to myself, it would be Libertarian Christian I suppose, a recovering conservative Christian. I think we all err when we too closely align our politics (carnal or spiritual) with our faith. Our faith should inform our political decisions, but there never has been a valid reason to utilize the machinery of the State (or the Church) to inflict morality, liberal or conservative. If Episcopalians or Lutherans want to ordain Gay clergy, or female clergy, that is up to them. If Baptists don’t want anything to do with either, that is between them and God. But, when either group goes to the State (or the Church) to achieve their goal through legislated tolerance or intolerance, I think we step outside the bounds of Eternal Truth. This leaves aside the discussion of Church Discipline, a much broader question. So, I would say it is not a valid question. The question should be “Why can’t the sons and daughters of the Living God accept each other in good faith, content to let the Holy Spirit work out each individuals Faith in fear and trembling?”

    My opinion, you get what you pay for.

  2. Unsanitary Jesus 09/12/2012 — 4:18 pm

    With regard to the world they may apply. We are called to be different from the world, and should not be surprised when we get push back for it. As Jesus, himself, stated that world will hate you on my account.
    My question which you pointed to at the end was why do we do this in regard to other members of the church. This was actually the question my coworker was posing. Why can church members not accept each others differences, especially those differences that are of no eternal value and pose no threat to the orthodoxy or orthopraxy of the church.

    I will never forget hearing several “good” Christian coworkers spend 30 minutes one day ripping someone to shreds for attending their church in jeans, jeans, I tell you, the horror, the horror. I asked a couple of questions and the situation turned worse. It turned out that the person in question was poor and these were the nicest plants they owned. But even when this was pointed out to the little chatterboxes, they were still appalled, saying that fact did not matter, jeans in church were unacceptable and this person should know better, do better, or not come back. WTF? This is the kind of thing that leads the world to believe we are no better or actually much worse than they are. I exited the argument and made a mental note never to go to church with them, or anywhere rather. Give me the poor single mother with only jeans to wear at my church, and they can keep the white-washed tombs of decency in their cheap wal-mart dresses and ties.

  3. Agreed. Im a big fan of “On a Corner in Memphis” faith.

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