Jen Hatmaker – In the Basement

This link expresses my feelings on the Chick-fil-a thing, precisely.  Said much better than I did or do below. (Also thanks to Scott McKnight for clipping this and enabling me to get the full read). Here’s the link, read with enjoyment:

Jen Hatmaker – In the Basement.

Let me say this, as I have seen some frustration on Facebook. I love my LGBT friends and wish them the best. I really do understand being marginalized (ask me about my Junior High years). I love my Christian friends and hope for the best from you. I really do understand the frustration of answering a question honestly and being slammed for it. But like many I am sick of the posturing on both sides, along with the pressures on both sides to fall into line in order to prove either my Christianity (by eating greasy food) or ‘support’ by abstaining. Eating does not make me Christian; nor does not eating make me ‘pro-gay.’

For me it comes down to this. I want to live my life in a way that makes a ‘real’ difference and allows for ‘real’ relationships. These fake blow-ups in which we are challenged to ‘show’ our loyalty by jumping through some arbitrary hoop or making some meaningless gesture (such as hitting the ‘like’ button, grrr! argh!).

This does not just apply to my LGBT friends pushing against the Chick. It’s for those doing the same for reverse reasons at Target; or the Baptists and Disney. Or those stupid flag pins that candidates must wear so that they are not called ‘anti-American.’

I think living a life within the Christian sub-culture where pitfalls await at every conference for those who do not toe the correct lines on such hot button issues as to what constitutes a ‘swear’ word, what types of beverages are kosher, or how much pop culture one is supposed to know (or not know) has worn me down, and sensitized me to what I call “socially pressured decision making.’ As someone who has always struggled with conformity (not necessarily because I’m some rebellious fiend), but because social contextual clues either escape me, or I could care less about being assimilated by the masses, I resonate with others who claim to support toleration for all kinds of people to do their thing with social pressure to conform to some arbitrary standard.

Now some of you might claim that this is not arbitrary and my refusal to care either proves that the Liberals around me have destroyed my faith, or that I have not really escaped my Conservative upbringing. To those of you cursing me (with your socially preferred tension-releasing words), I can only ask for toleration. I can only say, “I love you, don’t judge me.’


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