Great Post from my good friend and classmate Andy…

Hopeful Realism

When it comes to high-profile moral issues, younger evangelicals seem more at odds with older evangelicals than with secular culture.

And with that statement, so begins a new blog series: “Younger Evangelicals and the Culture Wars.”


The May 8th vote on Amendment 1 in North Carolina punctured a high pressure system that has exploded into the blogosphere.  You can almost hear the un-stitching of the fabric binding older generations of Christians with younger generations.  Tearing free from our forbears feels like an urgent necessity.  The growing distance so poignantly sensed between 20-/30something Christians and those in their 40s and beyond just got wider.  And this inter-generational chasm is now highly public fare.

“You are losing me.”  That twist on David Kinnaman’s latest bookmay sum it up quite well.

But maybe “We are leaving you” is more to the point.

We are not all…

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