The Allo’ Darlings Grow Up…

The Darlings released a new album this week. Laura Leebove at emusic described the album this way:

“You said, ‘A record is not just a record, records can hold memories/ All these records sound the same to me, and I’m full up with memory,’” Elizabeth Morris sings on “My Sweet Friend,” the last track of Allo Darlin’s sophomore album Europe. The U.K. indiepop band’s 2010 self-titled debut was about the anticipation and excitement of new love: Morris sang about kissing on Ferris wheels, wondered where she’d end up after the bar closed, and insisted, “One fine day, I’m gonna be your girl.” Europe has the same emotional intimacy and nuance of its predecessor, but instead of sitting on the edge of her seat waiting for something to happen, this time Morris is writing from a distance, reflecting on love that’s come and gone.”      READ MORE

I for one am stoked to see where the band’s new direction takes them. A taste below…






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