Notes from the Underground 8/19/08

**** Read this link. I remembered the name and had always wondered what become of the little white guy who made so many tackles during the 1988-1989 Vol campaigns….

It is also an intriguing testimony to the power of God to transform lives.

** There has been much talk recently about the deficiency of historical thought but even I was not prepared for theis surprising lack of knowledge. As I was catching up on some reading and got to the March Issue of The Atlantic which was all about religion with intriguing articles on the future of evangelicals in America,  and the showdown between Islam and Christianity in Nigeria. I am fascinated by the simple fact that as intelligent as the writers of the mag are, they still seem to have no idea about the contours of Evangelicalism. The writer had no idea that Fundalmentalists and evangelicals are two different groups. Also as a budding historian I was horrified to read in the article that quote Evangelicalism arouse out of Fundalmentalism. This, of course, is patently and completely false. By why of explanation let me simply point to the fact that one of my profs is one of the foremost authority on Evangelicals in 19th century England. That’s right there were Evangelicals in Victorian England, some 50 years before they were supposedly birthed from American Fundalmentalism.

** Keeping my fingers crossed for another slam-dunk season finale from Lost. I don’t know that even JJ could top last season’s flash-forward denouement.

*** Speaking of Lost, I must say that Drew Goddard that has done quite well with his arc on Buffy Season 8. After having gotten the first three of his 4 episode arc, I have to say if Joss were to do something else with his time, I would not leave the series with Drew at the helm. That is saying alot. Congrats Drew.


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