Say It Ain’t So

****  NBC Must See Thursday is just back, and now EW is reporting that the actors are thinking about a strike for their upcoming new contract. Just a word please, America handled it OK because well no one really felt like beating up on poor screenwriters. Now actors with repeated columns on how much they are making for the show they held hostage over the summer (this means you cast of Grey’s Anatomy not that I watch your dribble), those are people who need a new contract. Now I know that the new contract will be for the little actors and not the Mcdreamys of the world, but I guarantee this is how it will play out in the media.

*** So is winning an NCAA championship with one arm one grand accomplishment, or is my girl Candace just that good. Congrats Lady Vols. Back-to-Back Champs. You gotta like the ring to that.

**** Price of ticket: $10. Price of nachos grande: $4.75. Price of Large Diet Coke: $3.25. Price of sitting in 5o degree weather with a 15 mph wind: slightly sore threat. Chance to watching opening day baseball: Priceless. Spring. Sweet Spring is upon us. 


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