Not Afraid am I…..

Here is an excellent reaction to the hoopla over Phillip Pullman’s The Golden Compass….

A first rate answer to a defining cultural question.


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  1. Have you read the books?

  2. No. And I really have no desire to. I do not find Pullman, Dawkins, et al to be all that fascinating. They argue against a nonexistent God whom if he did exist I would be in wholehearted agreement that He was an outrage. I would gladly pull the trigger against Pullman’s weak deceptive alien pretender of a God.

    To me that was the point of the argument made by the author. Pullman and others are only dangerous to the faith if one were to believe that the straw-man (or straw-god as the case may be) actually represents the one true God.

    In that sense what is needed is not a wholesale lynching of Pullman and others. What is needed is for the good men and women of the Church to commit themselves more fully to preaching Christ in all His offices and the Trinity in all its manifold greatness. After all Truth is on our side in this discussion.

    However if the Church continues to mistakenly err on or knowingly misrepresent the God we serve then we have only brought Pullman’s sword down upon our own heads.

    Pullman only shows us the folly of our ways, that we have not done justice to our God. His books should be a call to the Church to redouble our efforts to practice true religion.

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