Adding Insult to Injury…. An Ode to Responsible Journalism

Think you had a bad weekend… Read this story in the Chicago Tribune: Have You Seen Her Doll?

The Story about the girl and her doll is touching especially with the corresponding stories of Chicagoans donating dolls to the girl. But what struck me in the story was the poor ND fan. OK, this guy finally gets to go to a game played by his all-time favorite team in their stadium against one of their biggest rivals and then he gets to watch them lose 38-0. Then he gets on a plane to fly home, and there is mass panic due to a malfunction. Then he learns that the airline has lost his luggage containing all the one-of-a-kind mementos that he bought at the game. Then the local paper chooses to write a story about his ordeal and throw in his picture for a little color. Then the paper mentions that he has a bad past and elaborate on that past. The man had a problem and moved to start afresh in a new job, and I imagine had not shared this little tidbit with the new friends.

What does he do, does he tell people to rad about his wild weekend in the Trib? What purpose did this man’s previous life mistakes have to do with the story? Was my connection to this story helped in any way by knowing some sordid detail abou this man? I hope he sues the writer of the story and I hope he wins. True the writer can claim the truth as his defense, but this man is nonpublic or private citizen and should not have to prove any malice (like he would if his name was say Britney Spears). He simply has to prove that the writer acted inappropriately in providing his audience with details that harmed him. See the definition of such here.

The news media in this country has become too mean and nasty. It’s about time somebody had the guts  to tell our media system where to stick its collective right to know argument. I hope its Howard Berman. Howard if you are out there I know a good lawyer or two. Call me.


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  1. Hey Matt,

    I like the blog. You have a lot of writing here. I’ll have to bookmark you and check this.
    Sorry that I couldn’t hang out the other night.


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