A Got Pinged….

My dear friend Job King quoted me in a post.  Here is my response:

I can and do believe that truly righteous behavior is doing the right thing, in the right way, for the right reason, at the right time. You are correct when you say that there are people out there (even, perish the thought, Christians) that are missing this high standard. You are right in that as fellow Christians we are to call each other into accountability to this high standard. Last, you are right when you say that we are to speak to (and not simply avoid) the tough issues of scripture.

Yet you continue to miss (and continue to be called into accountability by your brothers in Christ)the point that when we do these things we too are under obligation to this high standard. When I confront my brother I am required to do so for the right reasons (out of desire to nurse him or her back to Christ), in the right way (in a loving kindness similar to that of God’s loving kindness is sending his son to die for us), and at the right times (when called upon by God or placed into positions of oversight towards that person). You are under obligation to present yourself in a way and manner that brings honor to Christ, and has a chance of bringing the person to true repentance. Name-calling, Yelling, Cursing, and Ad Hominem attacks do not meet this high standard. So you want everyone to be perfect. Good for you (we all do). But perhaps you should take the advice of Christ and first pull the plank out of your own eye before attempting to yank on those of others.

So you say everyone is out to get you. Let me revert back to that old cliche about glass houses. If you are going to go public with others’ sins, and expect to call others into accountability; then maybe you need to be more sensitive and understanding when others go public with your sins, and call you to accountability. If one person mentions a failing, their words should be taken with a grain of salt. If everyone is mentioning that same failing; then maybe God is trying to say something out to you.


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