Get Busy ahhhh Studying or Get Busy Flunking….

Sorry for the lack of posts (all 3 of you that read this, hi mom, mom are you there… nuts all 2 of you). Enjoy some of the fruits of my labor over the past month. Here are some things that I think I may have realized while slamming my head against many a table in the WC library….

—-    Great article on the 2000 election. Amazing what a great job the media does…..

—- Get this CD now. Brett Dennen is the best artist  that I have found in several years. His brand of bluesy, folksy singer-songwriter rock is amazingly well done. Ain’t No Reason may have been given out as a freebie on I-Tunes, but I gladly would have paid more than the going rate for this one (just kidding Steve, please stay strong about keeping your prices low). Ok, I really would have paid full-price for the CD, but that is beside the point. As to other material on the album, somewhere in heaven, David is asking God who wrote I Asked When, and wondering asking himself if even he could have written such a fine song. Dennen’s voice is beautiful, and soothing even when he is urging the nation to arms. The music hits just the right mix of fanciful playfulness and earnest zeal. Do yourself a favor go to I-Tunes and plop down that $9.99, or to your local store and pay that great $17.99 , or just get a subscription to e-music and download it for a wonderfully brillant  49 cents a song. Just buy it. Promise, you will like it.

—- Still waiting to see how Heroes Season 2 goes…. fingers crossed.

—- Read this tone-perfect plea for attention, buy the new season 1 DVD set, watch this friday night, and help keep this little piece of heaven on the tube. Friday Nights Light is truly one of the best shows on TV. You must watch. Please. To sum up–  buy, watch, repeat.

—- Just for the record, Tim Tebow is still scoring TDs on the Tennessee D.  It’s gonna be a long season for the Vols if we have to score 40 points a game to have a chance to win. Here’s my plan for saving the season, just tell the players that they can get in one campus fight per tackle made in the Uga game. We may lose a few freshman from campus, but at least the D might look interested in hitting someone other than their girlfriends or a random joker at the Pilot Light. Was that too harsh? You think Phat Phil might go all Mike Gundy on me and yell at me for being mean to his players? Nah, me either. Although I would be thrilled just to get him looking my way, making the Phil face, and clapping his hands like he has after every miserable play the past 10 years. Although hearing Phil say, “I’m a man, come after me” would be worth it.


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