The Greatest Feat of Writing Known to Man….

Below you will see 3 columns (2 of which have some similar info, but take it in two different but related directions)…. They are part of the greatness that has been my last week. I had 3 papers (with a presentation on each) due successively this week. Tuesday I turned in and presented the paper of Gnosticism: Wednesday the paper on South Africa, and today the paper on John Wimber. Thats 3 papers, and 3 presentations in three days. That’s 60 pages of writing and close to 1000 pages of reading and research ( my bib for the last paper was just over 2 pages long (with a 10 inch font). Can you say that I am tired? I am not so tired as not to give me take on a few things from the last week;

***** Tim Kring, it is cool that you have not experienced the wonders of comics, but next time you have a big plot twist just ask one of the buddies about it. That way when the twist hits, half of your audience will not say “awww man, that’s already been done before in The Watchmen- and better possibly). I know its notplagarizing if you are not aware of another plotline before writing it, but shoot me line, I’ll let you know…

**** Last nights Lost was ho-hum for me…. but I did love the ending. Matt’s theory number540– they are in an alternate reality????? It would make sense of alot of things…. Locke’s legs were not messed up, Jin was not, you know, ‘shooting blanks.’ Charlie’s not a whiny cokehead (oh wait that stayed the same).

***** Was there anyone in CTU that didn’t think “you know what screw the VP, I’m going to trust that Jack will do the job right…. and then be there as a back-up just in case hell has frozen over and he fails.” But no you got to start a firefight that you have no way of controlling and no way of winning just to prove that you the man. Who’s running CTU, GW?

***** Now that school is over (for the time being), here’s my agenda for the summer: watch Sox beat Yankees, go to 2nd City’s Obama play, watch Spidey 3, watch Pirates 3, watch Oceans Thirteen, WATCH BOURNE 3, see good friend get married, catch Hot-as-a-mother monday at Heaven at Seven, oh and get a job!!!!! Good luck with that, huh??????

***** I will have to congratulate the media for not yet running the seemingly obligatory the-world-is-not-safe-run-for-your-life piece in response to VTU. I still have not figured out, how I feel about this?

***** I figure I have listened to easily 45 paper presentations this week: here are my awards, the names have been changed to protect the innocent:

Balls Awards- my boy that presented on paper on Palestine Christianity for ending with a plea to be more open to the plight of the Palenstinians and the need for both sides to come together and compromise. Whether in the dispensationist south or the evangelical land of Wheaton that took guts.

SayWhat Award– some guy turned in an 18 page paper with a 20 page appendix…. since when did you put appendices on term papers, is this allowed; cause I think I just found the way around my wordiness. “I know that you only wanted a 2 page review of that book, Mr Professor, sir; the other 20 pages are an appendix. Another thought— how did he have time to write a 20 page “appendix” I was just prasing God I had done enough to write an 18 page paper (with title page and biblography). I’m not so sure what I think about this eithet.

Presentation of the Week: My boy with the strong Barth and Pentecostalism review. It has passion, it had scholarship, it had a point (after listening to many that didn’t [mine included], I’m so thankful for that).

Yellow Streak Award: to the three people from last night that never volunteered to present and so managed to avoid giving one. You know who you are, you cowards…. OK, so I wish I had done that, but oh well.

ReStating the Oblivious Award: OK so there were no oblivious duhhh moments this week (like someone presenting a paper stating that Hitler had issues, or that education is good). Good job people, good job…



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  1. healtheland:

    “my boy that presented on paper on Palestine Christianity for ending with a plea to be more open to the plight of the Palenstinians and the need for both sides to come together and compromise. Whether in the dispensationist south or the evangelical land of Wheaton that took guts.”

    Time for me to inject some right – wing tubthumping into this. The investment of intestinal fortitude expended in pursuit of this project was frittered away by a detachment from reality. What have the Palestinians produced since 1948 that shows that they are willing to produce or able to maintain a compromise? The last one, “maintain” is key, and is unfortunately why a great many people fail to realize the utter hopelessness of the Palestinian – Israeli impasse. The reason is that even if some agreement that 99% of the Palestinians will support is ever reached, that still leaves 1% (which incidentally is quite a lot of people) for external forces to incite AND supply with the means to create havoc and mayhem, a lot of which would be with the specific goal of making the 99% – 1% ratio 95% – 5%, then 90% – 10%, 80% – 20%, and so on by virtue of staged and rigged “atrocities” and an excellent propaganda machine. Bottom line: even if the Palestinians themselves want peace, Iranians, Egyptians, Saudi Arabians, Lebanese, and yes even certain AMERICANS (I remember folks in Paterson, New Jersey and Dearborn, Michigan cheering when the World Trade Center went down on 9/11 in reports that were quickly yanked from the news, do you?) who A) do not want peace, B) have no stake in peace (it isn’t THEM that have to live under those conditions after all) and C) have a big stake in preventing peace (whether that stake is religious, ethnic, nationalistic, financial, political, or all of the above) will make sure that it will never happen. So, if you are a Christian, Palestinian or otherwise, in the Holy Land, your best bet would be to give up your forlorn hope of peace in the Holy Land in this “dispensation”, gird up your loins like a man, and stand and fight for righteousness. Which is basically what a Christian living ANYWHERE should do. I mean, the Palestinian Christians really should compare themselves against the plight of Christians living in Indonesia, China, North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, India, etc. and count their blessings. The “good old days” whose return for which they long, back when Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived in the Holy Land side by side in peace, are gone and never coming back. If there is EVER a “Palestinian state” even if they don’t go Shi’ite and impose shari’a law, it will still be very repressive and oppressive for Christians, and their lot will be much worse than it is now. Even now, most of the problems with Christians in “Palestine” are due to their treatment at the hands of their ethnic brethren the Muslims, a fact that you will never hear mainly because of misguided ethnic loyalty on behalf of the Palestinian Christians (not to mention good old fashioned fear and intimidation practiced by the Palestinian Muslims against their ethnic brethren). Things have gotten progressively worse for Palestinian Christians since the formation of the “Palestinian Authority”, with the only thing restraining the Muslims being fear of international condemnation and being abandoned by the Rachel Corrie Christian left, from which they get a lot of financial and political support. But if they get their own state, then there is nothing preventing the same people who given the chance would give up their lives to blow up Israeli schoolchildren to victimize defenseless Christians with absolutely no fear or chance of reprisal.

  2. Now, I did not say I agreed with everything he said. I just commented that he spoke a very minority opinion (one that would get him comments such as yours). I respect that. I may or may not agree, but I always respect a man that is willing to take a stand for what he feels is right. It is one of the reasons that I enjoy conversing with you. I may not agree with 10% of what you say, and I may think that a lot of what is said on your site isn’t thought through very much; but I do respect the guts it takes to say what you say.

    That being said. The Middle Eastern situation is one that is extremely complicated and it does not help that the American president and much of the Republican party (hence most conservative evangelicals) view that world in terms of black and white; good guys and bad guys. The Muslims are not as bad (some of them [most of them?????}– which one you believe depends on whether you are a Rachel Corrie Christian leftie I guess) as we would like them to be. Nor is Israel as fine and upstanding as we would hope that they would be. I believe that many of Israel’s leaders will one day have to account for the fact that they are as much to blame as the Palestinians for this mess.

    Yes the PLO is a godawful organization that is despicable, and cowardly, and sinister. Sending young boys (and now girls) out into the field strapped with bombs to blow themselves and other innocent non-combatants is an atrocity. Yes, terrorism is evil and not good in the least. But Israel seems intent on continuing to provide these cowards a healthy supply of men and women to send out as walking bombs by many of their actions. Complete and utter humiliation of the families of these bombers and the wanton destruction of Palestinian homelands as a means of retaliation is just as evil and just as destructive to the climate needed for peace. To paraphrase Gandhi: if we continue to go an eye for an eye then we all will go blind. The violence and the hate has got to stop somewhere, or else this cycle will just continue to grow and expand and continue. People on both sides of this thing have much to repent for.

    [Side Note— guess what the modern-day Isrealis can be just as harsh to Christianity as you claim the Muslims to be. Guess who else in the Middle East has strict laws against evangelism of another religion. The biblical Isrealites killed God’s prophets, the Jewish religious leaders of the New Testament era pushed for the slaughter of the very Messiah sent to them, and later on stoned his disciples. They were not blameless innocents, and modern-day Isreal has at best an awkward ‘relationship’ with the modern day religious right. This is not an anti-semetic rant (I am not Mel Gibson). I do not believe Jews or Jewish people to be any better or worse than you or me.

    I may also point out that Christians are far from blameless in the whole thing either. Much of the tension of that world is a direct and indirect consequence of a little thing called the Crusades when men in the name of Jesus Christ butchered, raped, and pillaged much of what they called the Holy Land. ]

    No, my friend, the hope of the nations is not in Israel, nor in the Muslim community. It is not even in George W. Bush and the Republican party. Our only hope is in the coming Kingdom of God when the lion and the lamb shall lay down together. Until then we are just whistling dixie. But even as I whistle I will still call out any inhumanity, and any injustice. The murder of any innocent is an affront to God; whether it is a Christian, Jew, or Muslim pulling the trigger makes no difference to me, God, or the one being killed (especially the one being killed). As members of the Kingdom of God it is our obligation to point out such inequalities and confront them all.

    As The Jews say at the end of the Ceder; “Next year in Jerusalem.”

  3. “it does not help that the American president and much of the Republican party (hence most conservative evangelicals) view that world in terms of black and white; good guys and bad guys”

    Oh come on Matt. You really do not BELIEVE that, do you? I mean come on, you’re a Wheaton guy. You are much too intelligent to be deceived by this Republican/Democrat liberal/conservative thing. Surely you have figured out that both parties work together to advance the same agenda, and in doing so have purposefully deceived a lot of good people, including Christians, away from believing and acting in accordance with righteousness. Case in point: the Newt Gingrich/Bill Clinton wars in the 90s? Total sham. It would have been great entertainment – better than pro wrestling – but for the fact that its purpose was to distract the American people from how they were working together to advance a common agenda the whole time. A couple of Google (or yahoo) search terms for you: the Council on Foreign Relations (Rick Warren is a member, as are Clinton, Gingrich, and George H. W. Bush) and the Center for National Policy (a CFR – affiliated group that a TON of leading right wing evangelicals are members of) and see what you find. You may call me a conspiracy nut, and you’d be half right because I have never denied being a nut, but just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you. Let me give you a hint: a lot of these guys who come out of nowhere but get real famous and powerful overnight? They tend to be members of certain organizations. I don’t know how old you are (I can guess based on the fact that you are still in college) but the best example was Oprah Winfrey. She went from hosting a local talk show in Chicago to national syndication – and being the world’s number one purveyor of New Age – OVERNIGHT. And guess who Oprah Winfrey goes to church with? Barack Obama, who is another one of those “overnight sensations.” Politics is getting a lot of Christians to support the anti – Christ agenda, and I deal with that fact all the time in by weblog. (Left wing politics do too, but I give them short shrift unfortunately because I am much more familiar with the right wingers.)

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