*** I feel much better about Bruce’s boys going into tourney time on a win streak. Last year at this time they seemed to be hitting the wall, but this year they seem to be peaking. I shall not invoke the name that should not be named (sweet 16, sweet 16, sweet 16).

* ** Before getting it handed to them by LSU last night, I had that old feeling. That this could be the year that we end the championship draught at the Summit in Knoxville. Then Spencer went to Sidville, Candance was getting triple-teamed. Little Bobbit was shut down, and well Nikki has never been a force on the offensive end. Well maybe we still got a Final 4 in us. Maybe. Come on Sid, no trips other than the regional sites, please, pretty please, Candance needs you hitting the outside jumper.

*** Is my boy JJ bringing it or what. Lost has stepped out in the past several weeks. I mean these episodes are season 1 good.

*** I know it is not getting much good pub, but I really enjoyed last week’s episode of The Black Donnellys. Then again I am a sucker for movies about Irish men and women, as well as the mafia. The soundtrack was Grey’s Anatomy good. The action was OK. So the voice-over was over-the-top (you can’t win them all), but you have to admit the last lines of the show were pretty good.

*** The chocolate beer deserves it’s own bog or column, but let me say I purchased the Frederick K Miller’s Chocolate Lager this weekend and it was ummm-uummmmm good.

*** There is no way that it should be snowing while I am on Spring Break. That is wrong on so many counts. Come on someone in Chi-town back me up. I know we are supposed to be all cool about snow up here, but come on its &^%*$ SPRING BREAK, and nothing I mean nothing says SPRING BREAK like sitting in the library and watching it snow. I once was cool. I once was cool. Why does turning 30 make you a loser.


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